Ingrid Rimland has authored several books as well as hundreds of articles and columns; additionally, she has assisted in manuscript preparation and editing for others, primarily in the medical field. Below is a partial listing:




•   The "Lebensraum!" novels - a trilogy / Samisdat Publishers, 1998

          (see extensive reviews)



•   The Wanderers - a novel / Concordia Publishing House, 1977 / Bantam Books, 1978


an historical account in fictitious form about the Mennonite exodus out of the Ukraine in 1943. A three-generational story of three strong, determined women who survived.

Concordia Publishing House, 1977, hardcover. Bantam Books, 1978, paperback.


Readers react:


". . . I had no idea that there were Germans who suffered as much - if not more! - than those we always hear about. . . "


". . . What I liked best about your book is that you tell about an ethnically cohesive group that did not sell out on its values . . . "


". . . I now appreciate my German heritage as I never did before. This book has brought home to me that there were German soldiers seen as liberators, not destroyers . . . !"


•   The Furies and the Flame - an autobiography / Arena Press, 1984, hardcover.


Readers react:


". . . a soaringly passionate epic about one courageous woman's battle to find love, identity and meaning in a world hostile to her aspirations. A remarkable woman who has put the substance of her life into the kind of narrative that grips us with the candor of its confession and the power of its perception. . ."


". . . I feel as if I know the author because she writes with such passion, clarity and energy. . . '


". . . no other book has hit me as this one did. No other writer has ever shared as the author did. "Furies" haunts me, bothers me, pains me--so why, then, is it so beautiful . . .?"





•   Children in Focus

Stockton Record, 1981


•   Beautiful People and Books

Stockton Record, 1982


•   Superkids

Stockton Magazine, 1982


•   Exclusively Yours

Stockton Lifestyle, 1985




Mennonite Images - edited by Dr. Harry Loewen, Chairman of the Department of Mennonite Studies at the University of Winnipeg, Hyperion Press, 1980

Sprache als Heimat - edited by the International Association of German Media, Westkreuz Verlag, Bonn, 1980


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Regular contributions to the Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Des Moines Register, Kansas City Star, Fresno Bee and Stockton Record


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Hundreds of features, articles, profiles and essays published by or about Ingrid Rimland in dozens of papers and magazines throughout the United States and Canada


Editorial Work and Manuscript Preparation in the Medical Field


Sajj Dharnidharka, M.D. - Stockton, CA

Lorraine Day, M.D. - Rancho Mirage, CA

Theresa L. Crenshaw, M.D. San Diego, CA