"I believe that what has happened to my own German people for so many decades is now in full swing in America against other Americans, not only German-Americans: The theft of what rightfully belongs to us. Our history, our heritage, our values, our mores, even our memories - are all under siege and hijacked, distorted, vilified, dismembered and besmirched. I see this confiscation of our ethnic heritage as a very serious cultural theft - and I intend to do something about it."


(Ingrid Rimland, 1996)

To Reclaim What is Rightfully Ours...



Thank you for asking about the "Lebensraum!" concept. This will be your introduction to what I am presently doing and hope to accomplish in the future - with the help of patriot friends and supporters.


I would like to tell you, first of all, very briefly who I am and why I am launching what I hope will become a rallying point for many people who perceive that something is wrong on the American continent and in the world, but who don't understand the systematic denigration of the spirit - or what to do about it.


As recently as four years ago, I was not all that interested in politics. As a first generation immigrant, I had come to Canada in 1960, to the United States in 1967. As a young mother with two small children, I was involved in raising my kids and making a decent life for them and my family. After having experienced four dictators - Stalin in the Soviet Union, Hitler in Germany, Peron in Argentina and Stroessner in Paraguay - I was glad to have found a safe haven in a so-called "democratic" country. I genuinely believed in the principles of democracy, became an American citizen and started voting in the mistaken belief that other people, more experienced than I was in political matters, knew what was best for me.


I no longer hold that view. What I, and many others, observe in America is no longer a form of Western style democracy. It is a covert dictatorship - a brutal, unforgiving dictatorship - largely aimed at the Western mind and spirit. I believe this dictatorship is absolutely ruthless and will do anything to crush what is still left of our Western world.


Who hasn't yet experienced that there are "politically correct" and "politically incorrect" ways of interacting? We all know this is so, but very few people realize the poisonous tap root that feeds these attitudes - and the fear that is systematically inculcated in the general population, telling them not to step out of line or give voice to an incorrect thought.


This is particularly true of people who come from my background - the descendants of the Germanic peoples. Not only are we massively vilified in the electronic media and in print, day after day and year after year - for what may or may not have happened during World War II in Europe - we are prevented from defending ourselves for fear of being called "Nazi", "Racist" "White Supremacist" or worse.


Which brings me to my mission and my current work, which is, at present, two-pronged but will become more multi-faceted with the help of my friends and supporters.


First of all, I am the owner and webmaster of the world's most controversial and most massively politically attacked website, the Zundelsite - a website I invented and maintain to explain to the cyber population the courageous struggle of the legendary German Canadian activist, Ernst Zündel. Throughout two grueling Holocaust debunking trials and countless political attacks on his reputation - and at least three physical attacks on his life in the form of two pipe bombs and a massive arson - Ernst Zündel has stood like a rock defending his father's generation and his German people, a whole era. The Zündel struggle is awesome, and I am proud to lend my talent and my energies to helping him explain and publicize his struggle.


This happens on the Zundelsite - a website featuring close to 3,000 Holocaust debunking documents. The Zundelsite has caused the very first cyber war in history when 1,300 websites were blocked so German students couldn't read what I had put there days before.


The Zundelsite again made history when it became the first website in the world to have eight of its Holocaust debunking documents indexed on orders from the German government - which means that people reading it are "criminalized" in Germany.


The Zundelsite was the target of a massive anonymous attack when invisible Holocaust Enforcers shot 200 e-mail letters per second (!) into our server system - for 40 hours straight! 28.8 million letters! It crippled our server and caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage! Even though the FBI was called in to find the cyber terrorists, their investigation lead to nothing but dead ends. Though we think we know who they were, these intellectual terrorists are on the loose in cyber space to this day!


In summary, the Zundelsite is feared by the Holocaust Enforcers the way the devil fears the crucifix! Even as I write this essay, the Zundelsite, located in the USA and owned and run by an American citizen, is being targeted for shut-down, courtesy of the Canadian government!


However, I am more than just the person at the helm and behind the keyboard of the Zundelsite. I am a novelist, and I look at our struggle in an artistically explanatory way. I am the author of several books and many hundreds of articles. My latest literary contribution is a set of novels titled "Lebensraum!" So feared is what I told in "Lebensraum!" that only four days after I mailed the first batch of review copies to Canada, hundreds of copies were seized by Canada Customs and shortly thereafter declared "hate literature"! Yet I was never notified, nor was my publisher. What happened was plain, brazen theft - in fact, grand larceny by government!


In drafting an affidavit for my attorneys who will fight this theft of intellectual property, I said the following:


I have spent 17 years researching, writing, and eventually assisting in the publication of these novels that depict the suffering inflicted on a small ethnic minority due to political and religious persecution, making sure that my characters correctly reflected the spirit, attitudes and feelings of the times. As a first generation eye witness immigrant who lived in Mennonite communities on three continents and who witnessed German ethnic genocide first hand, I have a duty to write about what I saw, honestly and truthfully, and to use my talent to give voices to those Germans and German-descent peoples who were tortured, exiled and killed in large-scale, Soviet-style ethnic cleansing - brutalities of which the Western world knows very little.


In writing these three detained, "politically incorrect" books, I did not intend to promote hatred against any identifiable group. I tried to eliminate hatred against Germans who have been falsely broad-brushed in unfair and simplistic ways by Hollywood and self-serving political activists with a transparent, vested interest in one-sided, simplistic stereotyping of Germans.


In fact, I went out of my way to describe good Germans and bad Germans, good Russians and bad Russians, good Jews and bad Jews. I expressed a literary opinion based on my upbringing as a surviving member of a savagely persecuted and decimated German-descent Mennonite minority, my ancestors, and on the effects of religious and cultural values clashing with craven politics not of my ancestors' making and often far beyond their understanding.


Any complex, intelligent novel will depict complex characters. The basic historical truth of my novels is that this small German-descent Mennonite community - uncompromisingly ethnically cohesive, inoffensive, apolitical and pacifist - was caught up and destroyed by the Communist regime intent on ruthless eradication of cultural differences and ethnic values that were not state-approved and, hence, deemed "politically incorrect" and thus criminalized. This is one of the most important themes which runs throughout my three detained novels - the brutal social intolerance and legal and judicial punishment inflicted by politically empowered censors on victims holding "politically incorrect" views


A novel is a stylistically artistic rendition of true-to-life experiences where motives propelling its characters run deep. My individual characters in my ethnic novels experience a complex range of emotions - some of them entirely appropriate and legitimate, given the circumstances of the times in which they lived and died - but now in our "politically correct" times harshly persecuted even in Western democracies in systematic psychological warfare tactics and media-fed vilification campaigns.


As a fiction writer who takes enormous pride in her work, I tried to give texture and substance to times and sentiments that in our days are very poorly understood and cravenly misrepresented. I tried to create characters who come across as living, struggling, bleeding human beings - not one-dimensional, grotesque, simplistic cardboard automatons straight out of Hollywood.


I believe that what has happened to my own German people for so many decades is now in full swing in America against other Americans, not only German-Americans: The theft of what rightfully belongs to us - our history, our heritage, our values, our mores, even our memories - are all under siege and hijacked, distorted, vilified, dismembered and besmirched. I see this confiscation of our ethnic heritage as a very serious cultural theft - and I intend to do something about out.


Why should we finance lies deployed against us with our taxes - to keep us all in ignorance? Will we follow Germany where people go to prison for up to five years for such grotesque charges as ". . . belittling the Holocaust" or ". . . defaming the memory of the dead"?  Of course the German dead can be and are being defamed daily - take a look at the cartoons depicting Germany and already much of what is happening in Europe - and draw your own conclusions.


I am seeking your active participation and support in helping spread the word that American values, American interests and, in fact, all of Western civilization's values are under attack, and that we intend to fight back - by confronting lies with truth and unchecked ethnic hatred with poise, style, confidence, willpower, ethnic strength and fairness.


Above all else, we want to introduce some balance. We cherish our history and won't hold still to have it made to look sick and grotesque. If you can help, please join our ranks and lend us the strength of your conscience, your brain, your muscle and your wallet.


What does that mean, in practical terms?


For one, it means no membership. All of my friends and supporters are volunteers who out of the goodness of their hearts share their resources and their knowledge. There is no fee. You give what you can. As often as you can.


Secondly, it means no subscription fees for my two monthly newsletters, Power in English and Germania in German. If you become a supporter, you will receive your choice for free. If you drop out, then it will stop after a short grace period. I simply don't have time to keep subscription data. It is too cumbersome.


I promise I will try to do my very best to simplify our message so that it can be spread far and wide. I will ask you to help spread it in your community in ways that you see fit. I will not tell you what to do. I will ask you to act responsibly and not bring shame on our efforts.

We need to tell the masses of Western society that there is no need to hold still to buckets of slime poured over what is nearest and dearest to us - our Western ideas, ideals and achievements.


Fourth, I and my friends and supporters will insist on an unflinching look of what transpired in the tragic years when kin fought kin and brother murdered brother - for the benefit of others during two world wars and even after all the shooting stopped. We will not tolerate simplistic and distorted history - regardless of how uncomfortable an honest assessment will make some folks who have declared that part of history off-limits.


We will speak honestly about what happened. About what didn't happen. What it all meant - and what it didn't mean.


And, finally, we'll have to peel out of that often unattractive conglomerate that is now called the "Right" those people of true quality and merit to serve as our leaders and examples so that our movement won't fall victim to the endless slurs that fragment our strength and send us scurrying for cover. We and our team of volunteers will try to strengthen your inner resources and let both friends and foes know that we understand in our very soul that what is happening in our world is Spiritual Warfare of Light over Dark.


If this appeals to you and you would like to be included in my mailings, I will try hard to earn your loyalty and trust.


 Writefully yours


 Ingrid Rimland, Ed.D.


3152 Parkway, 13-109

Pigeon Forge, TN 37863